Translation is both a science and an art. Anyone can use a dictionary or an online automated translation service; however automated translation simply cannot properly reflect the specific subtleties of a language. Many words can have up to 200 definitions depending on context.

Obtaining a higher education degree studying a language and translation is essential to become a professional translator and to learn how to deal with espressions and figurative language among other things. For this reason, I obtained my postgraduate degree in general translation with the following options: business translation, marketing, advertising and tourism translation, social, political and EU translation, legal translation, technical translation, scientific translation and computer translation from Words Language Services, Dublin, Ireland with an average of 17.125/20.

However, learning a language through studies or by using dictionaries and books is not sufficient. A translator must not only master his languages, but also the different cultures. Each culture is unique, our expressions and even our style of writing change depending on the language but also depending on the country and the local culture. To cite but a few examples among thousands: an English native would say "It's none of your business" whereas a French native would say" "It is not your oignons" or again an English native would say "when pigs fly" whereas a French native would say "when chickens will have teeth". Indeed, a word for word translation can sometimes be shocking! Such differences are not exclusive to expressions but also concern the simplest sentence structures. Automated translation sites do not take this into account, always resulting in awkward and often incomprehensible translations.

Despite the importance of a degree in translation, it is essential for a translator to have lived in both an English speaking country and a French speaking country. This experience allows the translator to perfect both of his languages and more importantly to fully understand the subtleties of each language and each culture.






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I was born in Australia with Australian parents; my mother tongue language is English but at the age of ten, I came to live in France with my Mother and my two Brothers. From my very first day in France, I fell in love with this country and its culture. After completing collège (French middle school 10-14 years old) in Normandy, I had the honour of attending "L'École des Roches", a prestigious international boarding school with students from over 50 different countries. I then decided to pursue translation studies with Words Language Services, Dublin, Ireland.

After a year of living in France, I began to translate/interprete for my English-speaking family, friends and family acquaintances. This involved renovations, banks, doctor's visits, meetings, telephone calls, private and administrative correspondence, etc.

Therefore, it did not come as a surprise to my friends and family when I decided to pursue translation studies after high school. A career in translation was the obvious choice for me as it was already an important part of my life. 

France has been my home for many years now, I was granted dual Franco-Australian nationality at the age of twenty-two and I have lived in Normandy with a French national for over six years. I do, however, continue to travel whenever the opportunity arises, mainly to England where my Mother resides several times a year but also to Australia to visit my Father whenever it's possible.

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