Each document is unique; this is why the price for a translation is determined according to different factors, such as the complexity of the subject, the number of words, the delay, the required page layout, the type of document and the required service.

Additional charges may be added for several reasons:

  • In the event of an urgent translation 
  • If you would like the translation to be printed and posted instead of an electronic transmission by email
  • In the event of a scanned or faxed document depending on quality and legibility
  • In the event of modifications after initial quote has been accepted. In this case, either a new quote will be issued or additional charges will be added to the original quote

For translationsprices are determined based on the source words - the amount of words in the original document.

For interpretation or administrative help such as telephone calls, prices are based per hour or at a fixed rate for a service.






Quotes are free and without obligation. To obtain a fast quote, all you need to do is fill out the form on the page "Ask for a quote".

Regarding translation quotes, please send me the document to be translated.


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